UGC NET (LAW)/JRF is an entrance exam conducted for a career in teaching in Law colleges. To take up a career in teaching this exam is mandatory as per University Grant Commission Norms.

Duration of Exam: 2 Hours

Number of questions: 100

Total marks: 200 x 1 = 200


  1. Constitutional Law Of India
  2. Legal Theory
  3. Public International Law
  4. Family Law
  5. Law of Contracts
  6. Law of Torts
  7. Law of Crimes
  8. Law of Labour Law
  9. Nature, Scope and International Administrative Law
  10. Environmental Law
  11. Concept Development Human Law


Semester coaching is basically the concept of teaching basic legal subjects from the first year itself. This would include core legal areas such as Law of Crimes, the law of Contract, Torts Family Law, Constitutional Law; procedural Laws such law of evidence, criminal and civil procedure and also ancillary yet very important subjects such as the law of limitation, specific relief, registration etc. These subjects would be picked semester by semester.

The biggest setback which law students face when they start preparing for competitive exams is that though they have studied legal subjects in their graduation, the interpretation and command upon the subjects as demanded by these exams is entirely different. While the basic concepts remain the same, the approach and answer presentation becomes the touchstone to produce judicial officers and civil servants. It is with this broader vision that semester classes are planned-not only to help students to excel in their faculty examinations but at the same time, prepare them for Master and also coveted government jobs.