Paramount has become a synonym for success in recent decades. Since the past decade, Mr. Rajeev Saumitra has been the guiding light by nurturing Paramount Organisation as the head of the family. It has been a tradition with Paramount that every batch begins with a motivational talk by Rajeev sir to boost students’ morale to reach peaks of success. Instead of focusing on individualistic image, Mr. Saumitra has always given precedence to the institute and its members as a family. No wonders that in Rajeev Sir’s able leadership, the Educational Standard and Testing Council of India awarded Paramount Coaching Center with the Best Coaching Institute of Delhi, NCR.

Keeping this in mind, Mr. Rajeev Saumitra has ventured into MISSION LAW, a cherished dream. He promises to fructify this dream into reality with the participation of you, the students.

The motto of ‘Forever above’ is a blueprint to nurture the young talents to be the cornerstone of Legal System and society. A team of experienced faculties with their reputability and creditability are now part of Paramount Mission LAW. At the same time, the wish to give back to society and nation has made him announce the free coaching and accommodations of the wards of “Shaheed” in MISSION LAW.