We at Paramount Mission Law provide 3 types of programmes for LL.B/LL.M/UGC-NET(LAW) course. Each programme has been designed profusely using best techniques and to ensure maximum results. Our courses are as follows -


Our One year programme is a highly venerated and in-demand course. It is so well designed by our experts that admission in top law college becomes a cake walk. We promise that a student who invests his/her one year with us deserves our utmost dedication and passion. Hence, we devote ourselves completely to our students and ensure that they clear the exam with flying colours. A team of qualified and experienced faculty will not only work hard to achieve your dream but will also endow you with vast knowledge and clarity in the subject. We have designed our year-long programme in such a precise and strategic manner that a student is fully equipped to nail the exam. Finally, when a student successfully completes one year course, he/she has done the course thrice plus he/she has given around 200 tests. We need not say any further about his/her chances of being selected for the exam.


Paramount Mission Law 6-months program for law entrance has been possible due to our foremost and extraordinary endeavour of our faculty. We completely understand that some students due to limited time prefer to take coaching only when they are confident about their 12th Board exams or in the final year of college. This program has been designed keeping this thing in mind and aims at helping them clear their dream exam. Finally, when a student successfully completes 6 months course, he/she has done the course twice plus he/she has given around 150 tests.


The crash course is designed like a power dose preparing students for the maximum utilization of their time and energy and to take the final opportunity to enter the gates of their dream law school!  The strategy devised by our crash course experts is such that we have left no stone unturned for the guaranteed success of the exam that we have become crash course specialists. We do not think that time runs against us rather we run the time and beat it with our focused and goal-centric approach. The paucity of time is balanced by exact exam-based and smart result-producing strategy. The biggest factor which works in our favour is MOTIVATION which we keep on injecting in our students. As soon as this dose reaches their veins, the fear and lethargy gets cured and takes birth, an achiever! Since we have only 45 days in hand, we need to complete the course as well as take tests on a regular basis to analyse your progress and find out your weaknesses and strengths. Hence, classes and test go hand in hand and together, this combination unlocks the key to the exam.

40 Days x 5 Hours x 3 Test = SELECTION

Regularity + Hard work + Passion + Perseverance + Determination + Positivity = MERIT LIST

Your efforts + Our Guidance = DREAM LAW SCHOOL